ubic shaving can be very erotic to some. The removal of one’s own hair from around the cock, balls and ass is a personal choice. Shaving someone else’s jewels can be done by choice, or as part of a forced scene. Some guys are into it for the kink, while most shave as a matter of grooming habits, or for the look and feel of a boyishly smooth toolkit. Whatever your reasons may be, you should exercise care when taking a razor to your most prized and sensitive body parts. Done without the proper care and attention, you can irritate the more sensitive skin of your privates and bring about unsightly and unhealthy razor irritation, ingrown hairs, and nicks and abrasions ~ all of which can lead to the potential of infections and, worse, STD transmission.

Here are some guidelines to minimize unwanted conditions and give you the lickably-clean look and feel you desire.

If you’ve never shaved anything below the belt, you should expect your first few shaves to be followed by a certain amount of irritation, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Sensitivity varies from person to person.

The easiest way to prevent razor burn (abrasion of the skin which leads to a pimple-like rash) is to TRIM your pubic hair with a beard trimmer or a set of clippers. You won’t get down to the skin, but you’ll remove enough hair so that your pubic area will look nice and tidy.

If you’re determined to return your jewels to a pre-pubescent appearance on your first try, keep in mind the skin down there will toughen up over time with successive shavings. However your first few attempts may produce an abundance of irritation, and the possibility of getting ingrown hairs following your shave will be high.

Clean as a whistle and a joy to blow
Start by trimming the pubic hair off with a beard trimmer. BE CAREFUL! Beard trimmers are sharp, and their small blades can catch skin and cut it. A light dusting of baby powder over the area to be trimmed will help reduce this possibility, but you’ll need to clean and oil the blades of your trimmer afterwards so they don’t bind later on.

Next, follow with a hot towel treatment. Soak a washcloth or hand towel in hot water (not scalding), then apply it to the area you wish to shave for a few minutes. This will soften the hair you’re about to shave and infuse moisture into the area.

Work a little lather into the moistened hair. A little shave cream goes a long way. Since the skin of the groin is one of the most sensitive on the body, it is advisable to USE A MOISTURIZING SHAVE CREAM. The aloe and lanolin in moisturizing shave creams will condition the skin and slick it up good, thereby helping to prevent razor irritation.

USE A ‘SLIGHTLY USED’ RAZOR to shave with. A brand new razor will slice off the top layer(s) of skin with the hair it removes, and the exposed skin will be tender and susceptible to irritation. A slightly-used razor that has been used to shave your beard a few times is better to use. DO NOT USE A RAZOR THAT HAS ANY IMPERFECTIONS TO THE BLADE. A dropped razor, for instance, can have blades with small dings that will unevenly cut. Your face may not notice such small imperfections, but your cock, balls, and ass will.

Shaving your cock and balls should be done carefully. Do not rush the job. Use moderate pressure when razoring off the unwanted hair. Just as you have probably developed a routine for shaving your face, you will develop a routine for shaving your cock and balls. There’s no one right order for which part(s) to shave first.

RINSE your razor often as you shave.

When you’re done, examine the area for any small cuts, abrasions or missed hairs. If you managed to cut yourself, allow a day or two to pass before engaging in sex. This will give the cut or abrasion time to sufficiently heal and eliminate any extra STD transmission risks to you and others.

Follow up with a skin conditioner or moisturizer that is ALCOHOL-FREE and FRAGRANCE-FREE. DON’T USE AFTERSHAVE!!! Aftershave contains alcohol and fragrance. Alcohol will dry out the newly-exposed skin, and fragrance will deliver a fiery burning sensation to your crotch like you’ve never known, and create a pimple-like rash that could become infected or increase the potential of ingrown hairs! Use only skin conditioners that contain aloe and Vitamin E… the higher the content the better. You want to moisturize without chapping.

Smooth butts drive men nuts
Shaving your ass requires a lot more time and care to complete (at least to start with) because of the complexity of the job. You’ll need a good sized hand mirror or a small wall mirror, some space to spread out in, a beard trimmer (if you have a hairy ass), razor, and shave cream. You’ll also need a good amount of time to develop the coordination necessary to perform all sorts of “backwards” movements while looking in the mirror.

If you can’t get the knack of shaving your ass, you might try finding someone experienced in ass-shaving to do it for you. That would be far better than cutting your asscrack into ribbons by accident.

The first thing you’ll need to do is CAREFULLY trim off the unwanted hair all around your pucker with a beard trimmer. Position yourself over or in front of the mirror so you can see your ass easily. Again, BE CAREFUL as the blades are sharp and can catch skin and cause cuts. Once you have the hole area down to stubble, you can work outwards. How much more of your ass you trim is up to you ~ some men with furry butts like shaving only their hole. Others go for the whole “bare buns” look. It’s purely a matter of taste.

Once you have finished your preliminary trim, use a hot towel (see above) to moisten and soften the remaining hair. Then, apply a moderate amount of shave cream to the area you’re going to shave. Again, I recommend you use a shave cream with conditioners since you don’t want your ass to chap.

Now, here’s the tricky part. Try squatting over the mirror or laying on your back with your legs spread wide and the mirror held above you so you can clearly see what you’re doing. Remember that everything you see in the mirror is backwards. CAREFULLY take the razor and place it gently on your ass so you can get the angle just right, and GENTLY shave a strip.

N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done
Long-time friend of, N2TopsDC, shows us how it’s done!

N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done
TIP: Keep a bowl of water within reach so you can rinse off your razor as you work
Keep repeating the process until you have the area to be shaved clean. You may find that shifting positions will be helpful as you go along. Your ass is not a flat surface, so you’ll have to pull apart your ass cheeks while you work to get into the deeper areas of your ass crack.

Take a clean, moist wash rag and clean the shave cream off your ass. Using the mirror, inspect closely to see that you’ve not missed any spots.
TIP: A magnifying hand mirror can be extremely helpful both in shaving and inspecting your job.
If you have missed an area or if the job looks uneven, spread a little more shave cream on the area(s) that need cleaning up only. You don’t need to cover your whole ass for touch ups… it will only confuse you.

The key to shaving your ass is to be gentle about it until you have done it a few times and can get the hang of all the intricacies ~ the twists and turns your hand and razor have to take.

Follow up with an alcohol-free, fragrance-free moisturizer to help eliminate razor irritation and chapping. The more vitamins in the moisturizer, (A, E, D) the better. That once-hairy ass pucker will be baby smooth and soft, and a pleasure to lick out and fuck.

Invariably, the likelihood of nicking or abrading your skin while shaving your cock, balls and ass is always going to be there, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced shaving master. Should you cut yourself or abrade the skin, you should wait until the problem heals up before engaging in sex with that part of your body. This usually takes a day or two at best unless you’ve seriously cut yourself. ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE HEALING IS DONE.

Ingrown hairs present a different problem. Sometimes the hair gets cut below the skin, and the sharp angle cut on the end of the hair causes it to poke under the skin and begin growing below the surface. The result is often a small infection which may appear as an acne-like bump. Using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, carefully determine where the root end of the hair is and try to tweeze the nasty little hair out. You may be surprised at how long that little bugger grew while you weren’t paying attention.

After tweezing and pulling out the hair, you may be left with a bump filled with pus (gross sounding, isn’t it?). Gently squeeze the pus out of the wound, wash the area with antibacterial soap, and LET IT HEAL before playing again. The healing may take from one day to several days to accomplish, so don’t rush yourself into sexplay until you’re certain you’re healed.
It is always better to wait a day or two for healing than to compromise your health for a lifetime.

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