If you’re one of those men who enjoys a good, hot, raw sex party, you’re not alone. Much of the bareback “movement” began with the advent of bareback parties, where barebackin’ men interested in screwing other like-minded barebackers could mingle. But there was always the problem of mixed HIV-types. That’s why we’re presenting this guide to making your bareback party safer for all. In today’s era, where containment is a high priority, following these tips will help ensure that your parties can be hotter, wilder, and way less risky to yourself and your guests.


Okay, let’s start with Question No. 1: What is your HIV status? If you don’t know the answer to that question with reasonable certainty ~ in other words if you haven’t been tested recently ~ STOP RIGHT HERE and go get tested! If you want to make your party as risk-free as possible, an “I don’t know” answer is not good enough.

If you know that you’re HIV+Positive, then we recommend that you follow the example already set in the US by Brandon, of Brandon’s POZ Partiesfame, and in the UK by B.J. (PitPigMen, PPM Xtra, and Boar Hole parties). These major party hosts are HIV+Positive and invite only other POZ men to their orgies — in fact, they insist that all attendees are POZ. HIV-Negative men and bug chasers are not allowed. Our hats are off to these valiant party hosts and others like them!

We’ll go one step further and suggest that you only invite healthyHIV+Positive men to your sexfest. Make it clear in your invitation that ‘No STD’s’ will be permitted. And, if you REALLY want to keep your party as healthy as possible, you’ll also prohibit crystal meth and other ‘party’ drugs. If you have to ask why, you haven’t been keeping up on the news. Learn More.

IF, on the other hand, you are HIV-Negative, you should limit your guest list to other HIV-Negative men exclusively. This is a bit trickier, but there are ways you can pull it off.

The first thing you should require of your attendees is that they provide some viable proof that they are negative. For your first party (and every party thereafter), you should require that each guest bring a copy of his most recent HIV test ~ set a limit on test dates of 3 months prior to your party (3 months is reasonable), and tell each attendee that the more recent his test, the better. He should also bring his driver’s license or State, Military, or College-issued photo ID to compare against the name on his test. Some counties may not require that the individual provide identification at the time of testing. If that’s the case where you live, you’ll probably have to take his word that it’s his test result he’s presenting. But still, knowing who your guests are is a good idea.

You can either check these test results and ID’s at the door when your guests arrive, or you can do as some other party hosts have done and suggest the group meet at some public venue (like a bar, or nightlub) and check them there prior to the time or date of your party. You can even meet each invitee privately in person ahead of time as well… however this may not always be the best or safest idea.

Regardless of where or when you check test results and ID’s be sure to check the date on each test, and stick to your guns if someone presents you with an outdated test result. It won’t matter if he’s the hottest slice of beef that you’ve seen in your entire life, or has the biggest cock in town. If his test is outdated, he may be a risk to you and your guests. Besides, you DID put it in your invitation that the test results had to be dated within 3 months, right? No exceptions! And if he says he doesn’t have his latest results on paper? The answer is still NO until he can provide them like everybody else.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you act like Nazis about this. You’ll want to keep your parties light and friendly. However, you will need to make rules and stick to them if you want to keep the risk to you and your guests at a minimum. And, as is stated above, prohibiting the use of crystal meth and other party drugs at your orgy is a wise idea for everyone’s concern. If you need to know why, Click Here.


If you are HIV+Positive, make it a rule in your life to only attend exclusively POZ parties. In that way, you won’t be putting any NEG boy’s health and life in jeapordy unnecessarily. If, on the day or night of the party, you aren’t feeling up to snuff, or if you have any contagious malady such as a cold, or if you have visible signs of or are getting over a bout with any STD, DON’T GO. There’s no sense in sharing these things with other people whose immune systems are going through hell, especially since you won’t know whose is stronger and whose is weaker. RSVP the host with your regrets, stay home, and plan to attend the next party.

If you are HIV-Negative, make sure you have a copy of the results from your most recent blood test. Perhaps the announcement of the party is just the motivation you need to go and get a new test. If you know others who are planning on attending, encourage them to get tested too. The fresher the results, the better. While you’re at the party, the rules of Safer Unsafe Sex still apply… do not take a load up the ass from anyone who you don’t feel you can trust. If something doesn’t seem right about the guy who’s boning you, tell him to pull out before he cums, or find someone else to play with. Remember… Your host may do everything he can to make the party as safe as possible for you, but you are still responsible for anything you allow up your butt.

Also remember that even a test that shows Negative today may not detect the presence of HIV in someone’s system. There are risks you should be aware of if you ever top, or if you’re uncircumcised. Read The Ways Your Body Betrays for more information.

If you don’t know your HIV status, or if you haven’t been tested within the last 3 months, GO GET YOURSELF TESTED. There is no reason in the world that you should take your lazy ass to a bareback party and risk either your own health or the health of someone else. Get as concrete an idea of your status as possible before attempting to attend a bareback party.

If the invitation says “No Drugs”, respect that. Don’t go to the party all tweaked out or bring drugs with you. If you do, you’re just being crass, and what does it say to the host and other guests about you?

If you want to know more about hosting a bareback party, Jack has a compiled a lot of good tips to help you have a great one. And to learn more about Brandon’s POZ Parties or PitPigMen check the Party Calendar on the Party Page. Their information is located at the bottom of each calendar page along with the monthly party information!

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