What's DIPPING, and Is It Safe?

You’re in between the sheets with a guy you just met online, lubed up and rarin’ to go. He’s stroking his meat in preparation of putting it up into you. A condom rests, package open, on the bed beside his knee. Before he puts on that latex wrapper, he asks if you would mind if he just… kinda slides it in bare… you know, to get him really hard. You acquiesce, and before you can say "Don’t cum in me," he’s breaching your love door and giving you more than a few seriously good thrusts. Satisfied, he withdraws and puts on the condom. Later on, he finds he isn’t staying as hard as he would like so he pulls the rubber off and slides back into you unprotected for a few re-stiffening strokes. Satisfied again, he pulls out and puts another rubber on, and continues the fuck to its ultimate end.

This is what’s known as "dipping," and it is a practice that is gaining popularity as the desire to play completely safe is losing its stronghold on society. The top will slide into the bottom, sans rubber so that both may mutually enjoy the thrill and sensation of barebacking, and he will later put on a condom so he can finish the deed in a manner that most people would find acceptable. The question is, how safe is this practice?

Of course, the answer depends on many factors. First, is the top HIV+Positive or HIV-Negative? Did you even discuss it? Does he have any other STD? Is he cut or uncut? If he is POZ, does he precum? Does he leak more precum after he’s been fucking for a while, even with a rubber on? And how laden with the virus is he? What about the bottom in this scenario? Is he HIV+Positive? Does he have anything going on up his rectum that the top should be concerned about, such as someone else’s load, or any STD’s like syphilis or chlamydia?

Dipping isn’t exactly considered ‘safe’. There is a certain amount of risk which both parties are exposed to, even during such a brief rubberless foray. Depending on the health of the participants, there could be very little risk, or perhaps some moderate risk. But there is risk nonetheless ~ except of course if both parties are completely HIV and STD-free. Liken it to sneaking a bottle of Jaegermeister from your parents’ liquor cabinet. A little nip here and there probably isn’t too harmful. But sometimes even a little innocent fun turns to trouble. And always when you least expect it.

One can truthfully say that dipping is safer than all-out barebacking and load sharing. And it does satisfy the bad-boy desires in those who routinely practice safer sex. It gives the rubbers-on crowd a taste of what the rubbers-off crowd enjoys without bringing too much harm their way. And that can be a good thing. Everyone is entitled to experience the honest sensation of unprotected sex, even if only for a brief moment.

The recommendation here is the same as it would be for any unprotected sexual encounter. Make the effort first to pair up with someone of the same HIV status as yourself. Examine the goods for any signs of STD’s, or sores, cuts, and abrasions. Keep a clear head, free of alcohol or drugs (guess what… it feels better and is more memorable on a clear head), and don’t agree to anything risky if your gut tells you there’s something not to trust about your partner. And if you routinely practice safer sex, remind him that the job gets finished with the rubber on, or you’ll help him get off with your hand or mouth. You can cheat a little on your safe sex diet… just don’t go too far overboard unless you’re prepared to deal with the higher risks involved!

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