Fourth month

VigRX Plus results – Week 15 and 16

What’s up guys? I have just started on my fourth month on VigRX Plus. I’m glad that a lot of you have been commenting on my progress and asked questions. I’ll try to answer as many as possible, but I’m quite busy at the moment. My aim for the fourth month is to get past the 1 inch mark! It should be possible even if the results start to slow down. I’ll continue with the same routine as usually.

My penis exercise routine: 5 min warm up with a hot towel – 5 min penis stretching – 5 min Jelqing.

The results after the sixteenth week:

  • Penis length: +0.95 inch!  Almost there!!!
  • Penis girth: +0.65 inch!
  • Erection problem: Gone!
  • Sexual urge has increased.
  • More intense orgasms.

VigRX Plus results – Week 17 and 18

Good news!!! I finally gained 1 inch in length After 4 and a half month of hard work. It really payoff if you keep working hard. I hope it’s an inspiration for you guys.

From now on I’ll slow down a bit with the penis exercises because I don’t really need any more gains. I’ll keep you updated if anything happens.

The results after the eighteenth week:

  • Penis length: +1.05 inch!
  • Penis girth: +0.7 inch!
  • Erection problem: Gone!
  • Sexual urge has increased.
  • More intense orgasms.

I’m really happy with the results

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10 thoughts to “Fourth month”

  1. Hi just add more to your recommendation. I have been using it since December 2012 and my sex life excellent more over I have gained 1.5 inches grith and 1.0 inch length. The secrete is I am also exercising with Bathmate pump once a week. So I highly recommend VigRxPlus to every Man with erection and premature ejaculation problems By the way I am now selling some to friends at reasonable low prices because I buy in bulk quantity

  2. Wow..those are some pretty serious gains…congrats man. ..definitely very inspiring. .
    Started taking pills 3 weeks ago..Combined with similar exercise program…gained 0.2 inches feels and looks more powerful than it was..lenght gains…hmmm ..I’d say No for now…nothing measurable yet..:-)
    Urge for sex is huge ….feel more confident already. ..
    I can say that this product works for me so far…..

  3. Hello David
    I’m just digesting my very first VigRXPlus tablet! The three month pack I ordered arrived today. I’m just turned 60, pretty fit, 37 years of pretty frequent and mostly very satisfying sex with my wife. For a couple of years now I have not always got or sustained an erection, and I have used some ‘immediate effect’ herbal potions which have done the trick, even 1/3 dose. But I would much rather develop a ‘constant’ confidence to perform as an when we wish. That’s what I’m going for, but, heck, I’ve read about your excercises and I’m attracted to getting just a bit longer if it’s possible. I’m a thickish 6. I’d like to keep you posted with my progress from time to time. And … thanks alot for doing this website! Just the ticket. Cheers, Si.

  4. One week on … I’m liking what VigRXPlus is doing to me. I’m waking semi-erect yet already as thick as I would expect to get in full arousal; very pleasant. Then the slightest caress and I’m full up. Through the day my flaccid size has increased some, which pleases me a lot as I am used to reducing to pretty tiny. So I’m looking for some ‘hang’ on me when not aroused, as well as confidence to be big and hard for intercourse. Here’s another thing: I’m digesting the stuff with nil side effects, I know I have a rapid metabolism [eat stacks with no weight increase] so I have upped to three tablets a day from the recommended two. Costly, but heck I’m 60 and I want us to enjoy our sex life to the intensity we did in our 40s, if some herbal help can make that possible. I’m taking one with each meal. Cheers, Si.

  5. Hi, my name is mike im only 19. My penis erect is 5 inches. If you take 1 tablet in the morning then 1 tablet during on bed mid day or so. How long it will take to see any notice or gains during sex? And is it bad if you dont take a table after you eat dinner? Do you still get a full result?……
    Best regard david

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