First month

Second week – here we GO!

I was very excited to start on my second week with VigRX Plus because of the very impressive first week. I did the same routine as the first week with taking a pill together with a glass of water twice a day. I feel like it’s the best way to do it. Later on I’ll try to take both pills at the same time, just to see if it is any difference.

My penis exercise routine is still the same; I’m really getting a grip on it now. I’ll properly add some more exercises later on once I get completely control of the Jelq exercise. My only problem is the time; right now I spend almost 15 min on warm up and Jelqing. I would like to get it down to around 10 min and then add another penis exercise so I land on 15 min with warm up and 2 exercises.

The results after the second week:

  • Penis length: +0.2 inch! (Woop Woop that’s how I like it!)
  • Penis girth: +0.3 inch! (This has really impressed me; I’m not going to be able to have sex after a half year if this continues )
  • Erection problem: I feel like it’s the same as the first week, not bad at all.
  • Sexual urge has increased.

My thoughts after the second week: Another week has gone and my VigRX Plus results are starting to build up. My gains so far have been absolutely positive. Oh did I mention that I got extremely horny during this week! I don’t know if it was the pills or something ells; I’ll do a small research into the ingredients next week. Have a nice weekend

VigRX Plus Results – Week 3!

Hey guys – Another week another update! Hope you had a nice week; I sure had. In the past week I discovered yet another fantastic thing about VigRX Plus – my orgasms have been AMAZING! I did a quick research on what caused this sudden “explosion of happiness”. The ingredients that made this happen are called Damiana. The extract from that plant does also increase your sexual urge – which I discovered last week

My penis exercise routine has changed a bit, since I added another exercise –called penis stretching. You can find a small guide on how to perform the penis stretching exercise here. I do that for about 5 min just after my penis warm up and then I finish my penis exercise session with 10 min Jelqing.

The results after the third week:

  • Penis length: +0.3 inch!
  • Penis girth: +0.3 inch!
  • Erection problem: This is getting better and better!
  • Sexual urge has increased.
  • More intense orgasms.

The list of results are getting longer and longer – I really can’t complain about that:) I wonder if I’ll need to add a negative list later on. Right now I really can’t think of any negative things about VigRX Plus. The results speak for them self.

My thoughts after the third week: I’m very happy with the VigRX plus results so far. I can’t wait to see the results after ½ year. My girlfriend is very happy too

VigRX Plus results – Week 4!

What’s up guys! I just finished my fourth week! I changed my routine a bit just to see if it made any difference. Instead of taking a pill in the morning and one at dinner I decided to take both pills at the same time around lunch time. I did not feel anything changed so I’ll properly just go back to the old routine. I guess it does not make a big difference if you take them together or separately.

My penis exercise routine: 5 min warm up with a hot towel – 5 min penis stretching – 5 min Jelqing – Done! At first I thought that penis exercises were just a small part of your general sexual health but I realised that it is the backbone of it. Without them the pills would just be good for getting a boner on and increase the size slightly. So remember to do the exercises!

The results after the fourth week:

  • Penis length: +0.3 inch!
  • Penis girth: +0.4 inch!
  • Erection problem: Almost gone! How did I live without it?
  • Sexual urge has increased.
  • More intense orgasms.

I’m surprised that my penis grid has increased that much. I asked my girlfriend about a thick penis vs. a long and thin penis. She said that she would pick the thick one any time! That’s good news for us VigRX Plus users A little research later reveals that she is not alone; most women prefer a thicker penis then a long thin one.

My thoughts after the fourth week: Almost a month with VigRX Plus; it has defiantly impressed me positively in several different ways. I look forward to start on my second month. My girlfriend has given me a lot of nice comments lately

I highly recommend VigRX Plus to all guys with an erection problem or to those who want to increase the size. The cheapest way to get it is from the official webshop at

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