The below are the guidelines the owner of barebackhealth.net follows:

  • I do not take accept money or any other means of payment to conduct a review of a product or service. I invest my own time to review and test products as well as use reviews, comments, and posts from consumers. (Results may vary)
  • I receive all products for free from the manufacturers; I do not pay for them.I do request products from manufacturers as well as allow manufacturers to contact me via press release, email, instant messaging¬† or via phone to provide products to me.
  • The free products are not returned. The products are used, destroyed, and/or kept for display purposes. There are cases where product may get damaged in transit to me.
  • If I link to a certain product on any of my pages on barebackhealth.net, there is a good chance I may get paid a commission or receive other method of payment if you purchase the product or service.

These are solid guidelines to follow in this internet driven market. It is in your benefit to understand and beware of the difference between an affiliate marketer, a person promoting/reviewing a product or service, versus the service or product provided by the manufacturer or service provider. Results may vary, barebackhealth.net will not be held accountable for any discrepancies and/or issues with the products mentioned or reviewed. Please do your due diligence to research before you buy. Any issues with the products should be communicated directly to the manufacturer or service provider. I am willing to provide contact details to the manufacturer or service provider by request.