My VigRX Plus review and results

My VigRX Plus Review Score:
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  • Erection Quality
  • Penis Size Gains
  • Price
  • Support

Review Summary:

Wow what an amazing 8 months it has been - Now I'm ready to rock out hard in bed and make my final review of VigRX Plus pills. I have been very pleased with the results and I don't regret buying the pills a single time since I started this journey. The pills are a bit expensive but they are well worth it.

Let's get to the fun part, my results!

My results after 8 months:

  • Penis length: +1.2 inch!
  • Penis girth: +0.7 inch!
  • Erection problem: Gone!
  • Sexual urge has increased.
  • More intense orgasms.

I personally recommend these pills, they will rock your world in the bedroom! Oh, and please DON’T buy from Amazon or E-bay they are 9 out of 10 times counterfeit pills, some cheap ass company is absuing the VigRX Plus brand to grab some cash.

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My VigRX Plus review 2018

User Rating: 4.2 (91 votes)

07 Oct. 2018 – Updated review after 6 months:

I have finally found some time to write a review after using VigRX Plus for 6 months. I gained a lot during the 6 months both in terms of penis gains and in terms of knowledge about the products itself. This leads to the first question that you might like to know, what is it and what can it do for me?

What is VigRX Plus?

It is one of the most popular penis enhancement pills as of right now (2018), the pills have been around since 2001 but have had 3 major updates in the past 10 years. The fact that the pill is constantly improved plays a major role in its popularity. It has managed to stay ahead of the competition and remains one of the best pills you can get your hands on.

VigRX Plus benefits?

  • Increased penis length
  • Increased penis girth
  • Increased blood flow to your penis
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • The ability to last longer
  • Increased libido

This is based on the average user – Some might see better results some worse.

Does VigRX Plus work?

The short answer to this is “YES” most men will benefit from them. But a few people do simply not benefit from the pills, this has something to do with the way the ingredients react in our bodies.

I have received a lot of emails and comments from men that use it and from that data I have estimated that the success rate is somewhere around 90%.

The good news is – Leading edge health (the manufacturer) offers a full money back guarantee if the pills doesn’t work on you.

my vigrx plus results 2018
The pills worked perfectly for me! This is my gains in length from start to finish.

How does VigRX Plus work?

The purpose of most of the ingredients in the pills is to increase the blood flow to your penis. When more blood is pumped into your penis the wider and longer it gets, but this is only a temporary gain. When you take the pills 2 times a day and continue to do that x amount of months then that temporary gain turns into a permanent gain that you can benefit from the rest of your life.

You can (you should) also do penis exercises while you are on VigRX Plus, that will increase the gains and make them permanent much faster.

A penis exercise program (Erectionfitness) is included in all orders of 4 or more months’ supply.

You can find more information about how VigRX work in this paper by an urologist in Boston.

How much should I take?

You should take two pills a day and do that for at least 4 months to get the full benefits of the pills. You can take them for less than 4 months but you might not gain that much.

You can take the pills together or at separate time – I took one in the morning and one at dinner and that worked perfectly for me.

vigrx plus dose - take two pills per day
You should take two pills a day and no more than 4 within 24 hours!

VigRX plus side effects

The only side effects that I have noticed was a slight headache a few times. You can avoid that by drinking a full glass of water each time you take a pill.

Shipping and other stuff

VigRX Plus Shipping prices:

USA: 1-2-3-4 month supply cost $5.99

USA: 5-6-12 month supply comes with free shipping.

Outside USA: 1-2-3-4-5-6-12 month supply cost $19.99

Faster shipping is available for a higher shipping fee.

Discreet delivery:

The pills are send in a brown cardboard box with no information about what kind of product that’s inside.

vigrx plus shipping information
This is the box that I received my pills in. I also bought VigRX Oil as you can see (Read my VigRX Oil review(coming soon)).

VigRX Plus price

The pills are available in 7 different package options. The first 6 are from 1 to 6 months’ supply and the last is a full year.


  • 1 Month supply: $76.99 Per month: $77
  • 2 Month supply: $143.99 Per month: $72
  • 3 Month supply: $205.99 Per month: $69
  • 4 Month supply: $267.99 Per month: $67
  • 5 Month supply: $329.99 Per month: $66
  • 6 Month supply: $384.99 Per month: $64
  • 12 Month supply: $489.99 Per month: $41

Erectionfitness penis exercise program is included in the 4-5-6-12 month packages and a bottle of Semenax Volume Enhancer is included in the 5-6-12 month packages.

Update: Coupon Code “VPLUS10”  get 10% off!

My personal opinion about VigRX Plus

I had several problems when I started this test/review over 6 months ago. I was not able to get a hard erection and I could not last that long and my penis was only 5.9 inches long (not really a problem, but a bit longer would not hurt). The pills helped me with all the problems that I had and much more.

The only bad thing I have to say is the price and the fact that you need to use it for 4 whole months before you get the full benefit from the pills.

Would I recommend VigRX Plus?

YES – the pills have made my sex life so much better and has gained me such a big self-esteem boost!

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My journey and detailed results below!(Original review)

Hey guys – I’m Marcus Galarza! So you are looking for some results. Guess what – You have come to the right place I have just started on my fourth month on the pills. So far is has been awesome, that’s why I decided to create this blog and the fact that it is easy to keep track of my progress here.

Why do I use VigRX Plus?

This is kind of an important question since they are doing loads of different things for you. I got some problems with my blood circulation a few years ago. I found it hard to get and erection and keep it on for more than 2 min. Not that I need it but it would not hurt to get an extra inch or two down there. I then started researching different options. The most natural choice would be Viagra, but the price of Viagra is ridiculously high and was not a good long term solution. I ended up choosing them after reading a ton of VigRX Plus reviews. It seems like the internet is full of penis enhancing/enlarging pills.

I decided to go ahead and buy a full year supply together with a friend of mine, since it is way cheaper pr. pill then the rest of the options. It does not make any sense to just buy a half year when you can get the next half year for only $105.

I had to wait 2 full weeks before the pills arrived, mainly because I’m a cheap ass and ordered the cheapest shipping which is also the slowest

I finally received my pills and I’m now ready to rock and roll!

My starting measurements and what I can expect

My starting measurements and problems:

  • Penis Length : 5.9 inches
  • Penis Girth: 5.1 inches
  • I’m having problems with getting a hard on.
  • I’m having a problem keeping a hard on (when I finally get one).

And now to the good part; what I can expect in the next half year:

  • A longer penis.
  • A thicker penis.
  • No erection problems.
  • Able to keep an erection longer time.
  • And a lot more that I don’t need, but I’ll properly enjoy

Ohh I almost forgot; when you buy a package with 4 or more months supply, you’ll get a free penis exercise program. I’ll try to follow the program as closely as possible to give you the most precise results. It’s a 120 days program with several exercises.

erectionfitness penis exercises program
Erectionfitness penis exercises program

Alright let’s GO – My first week!

Okay I got the pills and ready to go. You are supposed to take 2 pills a day; it does not say anything about when and how, so I’ll just take one in the morning (or whenever I wake up) and one at night time. I’ll try different ways to see what is working and what’s not.

My daily routine:

Take one pill with a glass of water together with breakfast.

Penis exercises: I do a warm up where I wrap a wet hot towel (NOT TOO HOT, a bit hotter than your body temperature) around my penis for 5 min. Then I make Jelq exercises for 10 min, it makes it a lot easier to do if you use a good lubrication. (You can read a full description on how to perform the Jelq)

Take one pill with a glass of water together with dinner.

The result after the first week:

  • Penis length: +0.1 inch
  • Penis girth: +0.2 inch!!!(After just one week!)
  • Erection problem: This has been the best part of it; the problem is still there but it has gotten WAY better. And I was able to keep it up for a good while (I only used it once during the week ).

My thoughts after the first week: The first week was good, my erection problem has gotten a lot better already and not to forget my penis girth has increased by 0.2 inch and length by 0.1 inch after just one week. The penis exercises has been a bit of a problem; it was hard to do in the first few days but it got a lot easier once I had tried it a few times.

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