If you’re one of those men who enjoys a good, hot, raw sex party, you’re not alone. Much of the bareback “movement” began with the advent of bareback parties, where barebackin’ men interested in screwing other like-minded barebackers could mingle. But there was always the problem of mixed HIV-types. That’s why we’re presenting this guide to making your bareback party safer for all. In today’s era, where containment is a high priority, following these tips will help ensure that your parties can be hotter, wilder, and way less risky to yourself and your guests.


Okay, let’s start with Question No. 1: What is your HIV status? If you don’t know the answer to that question with reasonable certainty ~ in other words if you haven’t been tested recently ~ STOP RIGHT HERE and go get tested! If you want to make your party as risk-free as possible, an “I don’t know” answer is not good enough.

If you know that you’re HIV+Positive, then we recommend that you follow the example already set in the US by Brandon, of Brandon’s POZ Partiesfame, and in the UK by B.J. (PitPigMen, PPM Xtra, and Boar Hole parties). These major party hosts are HIV+Positive and invite only other POZ men to their orgies — in fact, they insist that all attendees are POZ. HIV-Negative men and bug chasers are not allowed. Our hats are off to these valiant party hosts and others like them!

We’ll go one step further and suggest that you only invite healthyHIV+Positive men to your sexfest. Make it clear in your invitation that ‘No STD’s’ will be permitted. And, if you REALLY want to keep your party as healthy as possible, you’ll also prohibit crystal meth and other ‘party’ drugs. If you have to ask why, you haven’t been keeping up on the news. Learn More.

IF, on the other hand, you are HIV-Negative, you should limit your guest list to other HIV-Negative men exclusively. This is a bit trickier, but there are ways you can pull it off.

The first thing you should require of your attendees is that they provide some viable proof that they are negative. For your first party (and every party thereafter), you should require that each guest bring a copy of his most recent HIV test ~ set a limit on test dates of 3 months prior to your party (3 months is reasonable), and tell each attendee that the more recent his test, the better. He should also bring his driver’s license or State, Military, or College-issued photo ID to compare against the name on his test. Some counties may not require that the individual provide identification at the time of testing. If that’s the case where you live, you’ll probably have to take his word that it’s his test result he’s presenting. But still, knowing who your guests are is a good idea.

You can either check these test results and ID’s at the door when your guests arrive, or you can do as some other party hosts have done and suggest the group meet at some public venue (like a bar, or nightlub) and check them there prior to the time or date of your party. You can even meet each invitee privately in person ahead of time as well… however this may not always be the best or safest idea.

Regardless of where or when you check test results and ID’s be sure to check the date on each test, and stick to your guns if someone presents you with an outdated test result. It won’t matter if he’s the hottest slice of beef that you’ve seen in your entire life, or has the biggest cock in town. If his test is outdated, he may be a risk to you and your guests. Besides, you DID put it in your invitation that the test results had to be dated within 3 months, right? No exceptions! And if he says he doesn’t have his latest results on paper? The answer is still NO until he can provide them like everybody else.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you act like Nazis about this. You’ll want to keep your parties light and friendly. However, you will need to make rules and stick to them if you want to keep the risk to you and your guests at a minimum. And, as is stated above, prohibiting the use of crystal meth and other party drugs at your orgy is a wise idea for everyone’s concern. If you need to know why, Click Here.


If you are HIV+Positive, make it a rule in your life to only attend exclusively POZ parties. In that way, you won’t be putting any NEG boy’s health and life in jeapordy unnecessarily. If, on the day or night of the party, you aren’t feeling up to snuff, or if you have any contagious malady such as a cold, or if you have visible signs of or are getting over a bout with any STD, DON’T GO. There’s no sense in sharing these things with other people whose immune systems are going through hell, especially since you won’t know whose is stronger and whose is weaker. RSVP the host with your regrets, stay home, and plan to attend the next party.

If you are HIV-Negative, make sure you have a copy of the results from your most recent blood test. Perhaps the announcement of the party is just the motivation you need to go and get a new test. If you know others who are planning on attending, encourage them to get tested too. The fresher the results, the better. While you’re at the party, the rules of Safer Unsafe Sex still apply… do not take a load up the ass from anyone who you don’t feel you can trust. If something doesn’t seem right about the guy who’s boning you, tell him to pull out before he cums, or find someone else to play with. Remember… Your host may do everything he can to make the party as safe as possible for you, but you are still responsible for anything you allow up your butt.

Also remember that even a test that shows Negative today may not detect the presence of HIV in someone’s system. There are risks you should be aware of if you ever top, or if you’re uncircumcised. Read The Ways Your Body Betrays for more information.

If you don’t know your HIV status, or if you haven’t been tested within the last 3 months, GO GET YOURSELF TESTED. There is no reason in the world that you should take your lazy ass to a bareback party and risk either your own health or the health of someone else. Get as concrete an idea of your status as possible before attempting to attend a bareback party.

If the invitation says “No Drugs”, respect that. Don’t go to the party all tweaked out or bring drugs with you. If you do, you’re just being crass, and what does it say to the host and other guests about you?

If you want to know more about hosting a bareback party, Jack has a compiled a lot of good tips to help you have a great one. And to learn more about Brandon’s POZ Parties or PitPigMen check the Party Calendar on the Party Page. Their information is located at the bottom of each calendar page along with the monthly party information!


A lot of attention is focused on HIV wherever barebacking is concerned, however there are many other sexually transmitted diseases that are far easier to catch that go unmentioned for the most part in conversations regarding going bare. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent STD’s, their symptoms, and the damage they can do if left untreated. When you go in for an HIV test, you should also consider getting tested for STD’s. If you are an HIV+Positive barebacker, you may not need any more HIV tests, but you should definitely have yourself tested for STD’s every few months. And if any symptoms of STD’s appear, don’t hesitate to go in immediately for tests. There are cures for many STD’s that can get you back in the sexual saddle in a very short time. The sooner you take care of an STD the less overall damage it will be able to do to your body. Left untreated, nearly all STD’s will do irreparable damage to your body, bones, and/or brain.

ABOUT: Usually associated more with women than men, Chlamydia is the most prevalent bacterial STD among both men and women. Approximately 2.8 million Americans are diagnosed with Chlamydia each year. It is transmitted through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Men who have sex with men are at high risk of becoming infected with Chlamydia.
SYMPTOMS: Only ˝ of infected men will show symptoms of Chlamydia, and any symptoms will show within 1 – 3 weeks of exposure. In men, the symptoms include a burning sensation in the urethra during urination, a discharge from the penis, or a burning/itching around the opening of the penis (pee hole). Rarely, men will also experience pain and swelling of the testicles.

Infection can spread up the urethral tube to the epididymus (the tube that carries sperm out of the testicles) causing pain, fever, and sterility, although this condition is rare. It can also (rarely) cause arthritis, skin lesions, and inflammation of the eye and urethra.

CURE: Chlamydia is diagnosed by taking a sample from inside the penis. It can be treated using antibiotics: a single treatment of azithromycin or a week long treatment of 2 hits of doxycycline should cure the infection. Treatment of Chlamydia is not permanent. The infection can recur at any time following unprotected sexual contact with an infected person.

ABOUT: Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria that grows actively in warm, moist areas of the body, including the urethra, vagina, anus, mouth, throat, and eyes. In the US, approximately 700,000 cases of Gonorrhea are acquired each year, with the highest numbers among teens, young adults, and African Americans. The CDC estimates that only half the infections are reported to them. Gonorrhea infections have been on the upswing since 1999.
Gonorrhea is spread through direct sexual contact. Ejaculation isn’t necessary to pass the disease to another. It can be passed from the top to the bottom, or from the bottom to the top.

SYMPTOMS: Gonorrhea does not always show symptoms in men. When it does, symptoms can appear as early as 5 days up to 30 days following infection. Symptoms of penile infection include a burning or itching in the urethra, thick white, yellow, or greenish discharge from the penis, and sometimes swollen, painful testicles. In a rectal infection, symptoms include burning and itching of the anus, discharge, soreness, bleeding, or painful bowel movements. An infection of the throat usually results in only a sore-throat type sensation without other symptoms.

Untreated, Gonorrhea can cause epidiymitis (painful condition affecting the testicles) which can cause infertility. It can spread to the blood system or the body’s joints where it can do all sorts of damage, some of which can be life threatening. A Gonorrhea infection can also make the body more susceptible to acquiring and transmitting HIV.

CURE: Gonorrhea can often be cured rather easily through one of several antibiotics. However, the CDC warns that there are drug resistant strains of Gonorrhea surfacing around the world making treatment more difficult. Gonorrhea is often found in tandem with Chlamydia, so oftentimes a doctor may prescribe treatment for both at the same time. Antibiotics can kill the infection, but will not repair any damage done by the disease.

ABOUT: There are several types of Hepatitis, a disease that attacks the liver. Hepatits B, also called simply HBV, is spread either through blood-to-blood contact (most commonly through needle-sharing) or sexual contact. Symptoms, when they occur, are the same in most people regardless of gender, and they are largely the result of the liver being unable to function properly.
SYMPTOMS: include jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), fatigue, abdominal pain, dark urine, light feces, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and/or joint pain. Hepatitis B can cause chronic liver infection in 6% of adults who acquire Hepatitis B. 15-25% of chronically infected persons die as a result.

CURE: There is no cure for Hepatitis B other than a few months of bed rest as prescribed by your doctor. However there is a vaccine available against Hepatitis B (as well as Hepatitis A) which all sexually active people should get. Drugs are available to people with chronic Hepatitis B, but they do not cure the disease.

If you have had Hepatitis B, you should refrain from eating and drinking things that put a strain on your liver for 6 months or more following infection. This includes alcoholic beverages. Most people who recuperate from Hepatitis B will not become reinfected, although reinfection is possible in rare cases.

ABOUT: Hepatitis C is a very serious, chronic form of Hepatitis that is transmitted most commonly by blood-to-blood contact, such as the sharing of needles with injected drugs. Persons who inject drugs like crystal meth (slamming) are at high risk of acquiring and transmitting Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a chronic disease and
SYMPTOMS: According to the CDC, 80% of those infected with Hepatitis C do not show symptoms, which can include jaundice of the skin and eyes, fatigue, dark urine, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and nausea.

CURE: There is no vaccine against Hepatitis C. Therefore the best prevention is to avoid slamming, or shooting up drugs and sharing needles. In some people, a combination therapy of drugs including interferon can get rid of the disease, depending on genotype. Persons infected with Hepatitis C should also avoid consuming alcoholic beverages as alcohol will strain the liver and could bring about other symptoms including death.

ABOUT: Genital Herpes is most often caused by Herpes Simplex II (HSV-2). It is a relatively common virus, affecting approximately 1 out of 5 people over 12 in the US. Research shows that men are more likely to transmit the virus than women. Herpes Simplex type I, the virus commonly known to cause cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth, can sometimes be responsible for causing Genital Herpes when a person infected with HSV-1 gives a blow job to someone or eats their ass. Following infection, the person who was infected by oral contact can pass the HSV-1 virus to another through normal sexual contact. Genital Herpes HSV-1 is less likely to recur in outbreaks as frequently as a Genital Herpes HSV-2 infection. Lesions from the disease do not have to be active to pass the disease along.
SYMPTOMS: A majority of people who become infected with HSV-2 will not exhibit any outward symptoms. When symptoms do appear, the first outbreak can be quite pronounced. The outbreak will generally occur within 14 days of the initial infection, and signs of the disease can last between 2 weeks and 1 month. The primary symptom is a crop of sores on or around the anus or the penis (in men). A second crop of sores can appear, as well as flu-like symptoms, fever, and swollen glands. Such symptoms can arise again up to 5 times in the following year, although they will become less frequent over time.

Symptoms can be much more severe in people with suppressed immune systems, such as those who are HIV+Positive. Additionally, Genital Herpes can make a person more susceptible to both acquiring and transmitting HIV. People infected with Genital Herpes should not have sex with uninfected partners during the course of an outbreak, and should inform potential sexual partners that they have Herpes prior to contact.

CURE: There is no cure for Herpes, although there are treatments and therapies that can shorten the duration of an outbreak and make transmission to another person more difficult.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
ABOUT: There are more than 100 variations or strains of the Human Papillomavirus. Over 30 of these strains fall under the category of sexually transmitted. Commonly referred to ass Genital Warts, HPV has recently been linked (in rare cases) to cancers of the anus or penis in men, and the cervix and vulva in women. HPV affects approximately 20 million people. Some HPV infections are relatively benign and clear up on their own, while others are precancerous.
Approximately 50 percent of sexually active men will have HPV in their lives, although only about 1% of the same men will have HPV at any one time. Penile cancer from HVP is considered extremely rare in circumcised men. Anal cancer is 17 times more prevalent in gay men than in heterosexual men, especially in HIV+Positive men.

SYMPTOMS: Some HPV infections go completely unnoticed. Genital Warts can appear on the penis, anus, scrotum, groin, or thigh. They usually appear within a few weeks or months of infection, may be flesh-colored or pinkish, small or large, raised or flat, single or multiple, and some may look cauliflower-like. There are no tests to diagnose HPV in men who exhibit no symptoms.

The variations of the virus that cause warts are not the same as the variations that cause cancer. If you exhibit genital warts, you are not necessarily at risk of getting cancer unless you also have a cancer causing variation and a suppressed immune system.

CURE: There is no cure for HPV, however there are treatments for removing genital warts caused by HPV. There is an anal PAP test available to men, and it is a good idea for men who are anally receptive (bottoms) to have this test done regularly.

ABOUT: Syphilis, one of the oldest-known STD’s, is a bacteria spread through direct contact with a Syphilis sore. This means it must be transmitted sexually and not casually through contact with surfaces, objects, coughs, etc. Because Syphilis causes open sores called chancres, it has been shown that Syphilis increases the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV by 2 to 5 times. Penetrative sex need not occur ~ all that is needed is for HIV-infected semen, blood, or other fluid to contact the chancre, and infection can occur.
SYMPTOMS: On men, Syphilis manifests on the penis, anus, rectum, lips, and mouth, and shows up as a flat, round, red sore called a chancre. It can also appear as several sores. Chancres appear on the average of 21 days following infection, though Syphilis can appear a few days to 3 months after initial infection. The chancre is generally small and painless, and it will disappear within three to six weeks. Disappearance of a chancre does not mean the Syphilis is cured.

The secondary infection of untreated Syphilis can manifest itself as a rash on the palms, bottoms of the feet, and other parts of the body that does not itch, and mucous membrane lesions. Other secondary symptoms can include swollen glands, fever, sore throat, hair loss in patches, head and muscle aches, weight loss, and fatigue. Again, these symptoms will clear up on their own, but the disease will move into the next stage.

The final stage of a Syphilis infection is sometimes called the ‘latent stage’. There will be no outward symptoms, but the disease will eat away at various organs of the body, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood cells, liver, bones, and joints. Muscle coordination, blindness, numbness and even dementia/madness can result as the disease takes its toll, and the damage can lead to the victim’s death as the body deteriorates.

CURE: Syphilis can be cured by intramuscular injection of penicillin or other antibiotics. The best success rate with cure is when the patient goes in for the injection within a year of initial infection. After a year, more than one injection of antibiotics may be required, and there is no repair for damage done by the disease. After a person has been cured of Syphilis, he can become infected again.

ABOUT: The most common treatable STD in both women and men. Approximately 7.4 million cases are reported each year. Trich usually appears in the urethra of the male and vagina of the female. While women can get Trich from both men and women, men usually only get a Trich infection from women.
SYMPTOMS: Men usually do not exhibit symptoms of Trich, aside from symptoms that mirror those of Gonorrhea: irritation inside the penis, mild discharge, and/or a slight burning after ejaculation or urination. Trich is harder to diagnose in men than in women.

Women infected with Trich can exhibit symptoms including a frothy yellow-green, foul smelling vaginal discharge, irritation/itching in the pelvic area, and pain in the lower abdomen. Symptoms may appear between 5 and 28 days after exposure.

Infected women can become much more susceptible to acquiring and spreading HIV, and pregnant women can give birth to premature and underweight babies.

CURE: Trichomoniasis can be cured with the drug metronidazole by pral application. Symptoms for Trich may also disappear in men on their own within a few weeks, but the man will remain contagious until treatment. There is no permanent cure for Trich, and it may be acquired again and again.

WARTS, GENITAL (see HPV/Human Papillomavirus)

ABOUT: Crabs (Pubic Lice) and Scabies are not diseases, they are tiny little parasitic bugs that live off of the human body. Crabs are related to head lice, but rarely are found above the neck. They attach to body hair and suck blood from the host. Crabs usually are found in the pubic areas of the body, but they can also take up residence in other areas where there is body hair. Crabs cause itching wherever they feed. Scratching can lead to bacterial infections.
Scabies are microscopic mites that burrow under the skin and deposit eggs and feces, causing intense itching. Scabies are usually found in the webbing of fingers and toes, as well as in the crooks of elbows and behind the knees, and on men they can also be found on the penis. Like crabs, they are generally found below the neck. But unlike crabs, they do not attach to hair.

Both crabs and scabies are transmitted during sexual contact, regardless of whether condoms are used or not. They can also be transmitted by sharing/touching infested bedding, towels, and clothing.

SYMPTOMS: Crabs and their eggs can be seen where they attach to the hair. You might need a magnifying glass to see them. They may look like freckles due to their brown color. Scabies cannot be easily seen without a microscope. Both crabs and scabies cause severe itching. Scabies itch worse in the morning after waking, and after a warm shower.

CURE: Both scabies and crabs can be killed using over the counter insecticide shampoos, although prescription insecticide crčmes are more effective. Additionally, all bedding, clothing, and towels used by the person with the infestation should be washed in HOT water. Mattresses should be sprayed with a special pesticide spray, and in the case of scabies, the insides of shoes and leather items such as belts, wallets, and other apparel should be sprayed with the same insecticide. Failure to do this can lead to reinfestation.

If you buy second hand clothing, it is a good idea to wash it in hot water before wearing, as scabies and crabs can live without a host body for a few days. Another thing you can do with clothing that can’t be washed in hot water is to seal it in a plastic bag for two weeks before wearing.
With the exception of Hepatitis, most STD’s can be had again and again, especially when protection is not being used. Antibiotics are not vaccines. They are useful for killing an existing disease, but they do not offer long lasting protection against future infections.
If you notice signs or symptoms of any STD, do not have sex until you have it checked out. If it turns out you have picked up an STD, follow the treatment ALL THE WAY THROUGH and make sure you are cured (if the STD is curable) before engaging in sexual contact again. If you do not finish the treatment or wait until the STD is cleared up, you may not be cured and you may pass the STD on to your sex partners.
If you test positive for any STD, you should also try to notify everyone you have had sex with in the previous month and let them know that they may bave been exposed to an STD. It helps to let them know which one they may have been exposed to.
One way you can keep good records of who you have sex with is to download and use a program called i-trick. I-trick lets you catalog your internet tricks, and include contact info, photos, screen names, dick sizes, physical stats, whether he is reliable or a flake, dates you hooked up, what you did, etc. And best of all it’s FREE.


ubic shaving can be very erotic to some. The removal of one’s own hair from around the cock, balls and ass is a personal choice. Shaving someone else’s jewels can be done by choice, or as part of a forced scene. Some guys are into it for the kink, while most shave as a matter of grooming habits, or for the look and feel of a boyishly smooth toolkit. Whatever your reasons may be, you should exercise care when taking a razor to your most prized and sensitive body parts. Done without the proper care and attention, you can irritate the more sensitive skin of your privates and bring about unsightly and unhealthy razor irritation, ingrown hairs, and nicks and abrasions ~ all of which can lead to the potential of infections and, worse, STD transmission.

Here are some guidelines to minimize unwanted conditions and give you the lickably-clean look and feel you desire.

If you’ve never shaved anything below the belt, you should expect your first few shaves to be followed by a certain amount of irritation, depending on how sensitive your skin is. Sensitivity varies from person to person.

The easiest way to prevent razor burn (abrasion of the skin which leads to a pimple-like rash) is to TRIM your pubic hair with a beard trimmer or a set of clippers. You won’t get down to the skin, but you’ll remove enough hair so that your pubic area will look nice and tidy.

If you’re determined to return your jewels to a pre-pubescent appearance on your first try, keep in mind the skin down there will toughen up over time with successive shavings. However your first few attempts may produce an abundance of irritation, and the possibility of getting ingrown hairs following your shave will be high.

Clean as a whistle and a joy to blow
Start by trimming the pubic hair off with a beard trimmer. BE CAREFUL! Beard trimmers are sharp, and their small blades can catch skin and cut it. A light dusting of baby powder over the area to be trimmed will help reduce this possibility, but you’ll need to clean and oil the blades of your trimmer afterwards so they don’t bind later on.

Next, follow with a hot towel treatment. Soak a washcloth or hand towel in hot water (not scalding), then apply it to the area you wish to shave for a few minutes. This will soften the hair you’re about to shave and infuse moisture into the area.

Work a little lather into the moistened hair. A little shave cream goes a long way. Since the skin of the groin is one of the most sensitive on the body, it is advisable to USE A MOISTURIZING SHAVE CREAM. The aloe and lanolin in moisturizing shave creams will condition the skin and slick it up good, thereby helping to prevent razor irritation.

USE A ‘SLIGHTLY USED’ RAZOR to shave with. A brand new razor will slice off the top layer(s) of skin with the hair it removes, and the exposed skin will be tender and susceptible to irritation. A slightly-used razor that has been used to shave your beard a few times is better to use. DO NOT USE A RAZOR THAT HAS ANY IMPERFECTIONS TO THE BLADE. A dropped razor, for instance, can have blades with small dings that will unevenly cut. Your face may not notice such small imperfections, but your cock, balls, and ass will.

Shaving your cock and balls should be done carefully. Do not rush the job. Use moderate pressure when razoring off the unwanted hair. Just as you have probably developed a routine for shaving your face, you will develop a routine for shaving your cock and balls. There’s no one right order for which part(s) to shave first.

RINSE your razor often as you shave.

When you’re done, examine the area for any small cuts, abrasions or missed hairs. If you managed to cut yourself, allow a day or two to pass before engaging in sex. This will give the cut or abrasion time to sufficiently heal and eliminate any extra STD transmission risks to you and others.

Follow up with a skin conditioner or moisturizer that is ALCOHOL-FREE and FRAGRANCE-FREE. DON’T USE AFTERSHAVE!!! Aftershave contains alcohol and fragrance. Alcohol will dry out the newly-exposed skin, and fragrance will deliver a fiery burning sensation to your crotch like you’ve never known, and create a pimple-like rash that could become infected or increase the potential of ingrown hairs! Use only skin conditioners that contain aloe and Vitamin E… the higher the content the better. You want to moisturize without chapping.

Smooth butts drive men nuts
Shaving your ass requires a lot more time and care to complete (at least to start with) because of the complexity of the job. You’ll need a good sized hand mirror or a small wall mirror, some space to spread out in, a beard trimmer (if you have a hairy ass), razor, and shave cream. You’ll also need a good amount of time to develop the coordination necessary to perform all sorts of “backwards” movements while looking in the mirror.

If you can’t get the knack of shaving your ass, you might try finding someone experienced in ass-shaving to do it for you. That would be far better than cutting your asscrack into ribbons by accident.

The first thing you’ll need to do is CAREFULLY trim off the unwanted hair all around your pucker with a beard trimmer. Position yourself over or in front of the mirror so you can see your ass easily. Again, BE CAREFUL as the blades are sharp and can catch skin and cause cuts. Once you have the hole area down to stubble, you can work outwards. How much more of your ass you trim is up to you ~ some men with furry butts like shaving only their hole. Others go for the whole “bare buns” look. It’s purely a matter of taste.

Once you have finished your preliminary trim, use a hot towel (see above) to moisten and soften the remaining hair. Then, apply a moderate amount of shave cream to the area you’re going to shave. Again, I recommend you use a shave cream with conditioners since you don’t want your ass to chap.

Now, here’s the tricky part. Try squatting over the mirror or laying on your back with your legs spread wide and the mirror held above you so you can clearly see what you’re doing. Remember that everything you see in the mirror is backwards. CAREFULLY take the razor and place it gently on your ass so you can get the angle just right, and GENTLY shave a strip.

N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done
Long-time friend of, N2TopsDC, shows us how it’s done!

N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done N2TopsDC shows us how it’s done
TIP: Keep a bowl of water within reach so you can rinse off your razor as you work
Keep repeating the process until you have the area to be shaved clean. You may find that shifting positions will be helpful as you go along. Your ass is not a flat surface, so you’ll have to pull apart your ass cheeks while you work to get into the deeper areas of your ass crack.

Take a clean, moist wash rag and clean the shave cream off your ass. Using the mirror, inspect closely to see that you’ve not missed any spots.
TIP: A magnifying hand mirror can be extremely helpful both in shaving and inspecting your job.
If you have missed an area or if the job looks uneven, spread a little more shave cream on the area(s) that need cleaning up only. You don’t need to cover your whole ass for touch ups… it will only confuse you.

The key to shaving your ass is to be gentle about it until you have done it a few times and can get the hang of all the intricacies ~ the twists and turns your hand and razor have to take.

Follow up with an alcohol-free, fragrance-free moisturizer to help eliminate razor irritation and chapping. The more vitamins in the moisturizer, (A, E, D) the better. That once-hairy ass pucker will be baby smooth and soft, and a pleasure to lick out and fuck.

Invariably, the likelihood of nicking or abrading your skin while shaving your cock, balls and ass is always going to be there, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced shaving master. Should you cut yourself or abrade the skin, you should wait until the problem heals up before engaging in sex with that part of your body. This usually takes a day or two at best unless you’ve seriously cut yourself. ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE HEALING IS DONE.

Ingrown hairs present a different problem. Sometimes the hair gets cut below the skin, and the sharp angle cut on the end of the hair causes it to poke under the skin and begin growing below the surface. The result is often a small infection which may appear as an acne-like bump. Using a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, carefully determine where the root end of the hair is and try to tweeze the nasty little hair out. You may be surprised at how long that little bugger grew while you weren’t paying attention.

After tweezing and pulling out the hair, you may be left with a bump filled with pus (gross sounding, isn’t it?). Gently squeeze the pus out of the wound, wash the area with antibacterial soap, and LET IT HEAL before playing again. The healing may take from one day to several days to accomplish, so don’t rush yourself into sexplay until you’re certain you’re healed.
It is always better to wait a day or two for healing than to compromise your health for a lifetime.

Sero sorting?

Ask yourself why HIV infections keep occurring in the gay community. The answer is amazingly simple: because HIV-Negative men keep having sex with HIV+Positive men (and vice-versa). In light of that question, doesn’t it seem to be a given that one way to dramatically reduce the number of new HIV infections would be for HIV-Negative men to only have sex with each other, and POZ men to do the same? That’s the central idea behind something called Sero-Sorting, a practice that helps keep opposing sero-types from intermingling.
More simply put, you can’t get a disease that your partner doesn’t have. By the same token, you can’t infect someone with a disease if they already have it. In the big picture, the way to stop HIV from spreading is simply to prevent it from getting the chance to spread. Playing exclusively with others who share your HIV status ~ sero-sorting ~ is the best way to do that, regardless of whether you use condoms or not.

If you bareback, consider this: for every 100 bareback partners you engage with, at least 50 of them are likely to knowingly be POZ (regardless of what their profiles say). 20 to 30 of your partners will probably not know they are HIV+Positive, and the remainder will probably be negative. By sero-sorting, the HIV-Negative man has the opportunity to reduce his risk of becoming infected by anywhere from 40 to 100 percent. And the HIV+Positive guy can reduce the risk of causing new infections by an amazing 100 percent as well. Those are encouraging numbers, and they are also achievable through practices such as sero-sorting.


The only way that sero-sorting can be a successful way of containing the virus is if all parties involved know their HIV status and are honest about it with each other. Therefore your first step in sero-sorting if you believe yourself to be HIV-Negative is to get yourself tested. “Thinking” you’re negative isn’t worth shit if you are in fact POZ. And “I don’t know” isn’t an HIV status. Knowledge is power, and it’s a good tool for making everyday decisions and long-term goals, too. GET TESTED.

If your test comes back HIV+Positive (or if you already know you are), you have a fairly easy job when it comes to sero-sorting, especially when it comes to online hookups. Simply look for other guys who are POZ to play with. It’s very rare that a guy will lie about being POZ if he really is NEG. If his profile says he’s Negative (even if he isn’t), or if he claims to not know, cross him off your list of eligibles. Remember, you’re only looking for guys who identify as POZ (like you). If a guy is POZ but has neither the decency nor the nuts to admit to it, it’s HIS loss if he loses you as a potential fuckmate.
Another good reason to start seeking out only other HIV+Positive men after a new POZ diagnosis is that they can help you adjust to the new requirements of your life. Seek not only uninhibited sexual encounters from them, but also their experience in dealing with HIV. They can help you in ways that most HIV-Negative men cannot.


If your test shows that you are Negative, sero-sorting is a bit more of a challenge. But right away, by crossing all POZ and ‘unknown status’ guys off your list, you will be cutting your risk percentages down tremendously. The hardest part for you will be weeding out the bad eggs from the good ones from what’s left. This is not always such an easy task. Simply reading a profile isn’t good enough, since often times the profile is nothing more than a means to promote an image of how the writer wants others to perceive him, whether close to the truth or not. So how does the HIV-negative male reduce his chances of hooking up for sex with someone who is not being truthful about his HIV+ status?
Start by avoiding people who engage in behaviors that put them at higher risk of becoming infected. Say “no” to anyone who advertises he is into partying and playing or getting high before sex (buzzwords: pnp, parTy, tweak, meth, go fast, Chrissy, Tina, booty bump, butt rocket, etc.). Tweakers (parTiers) are notorious for being dishonest about their status while being quick to engage in the riskiest sexual behaviors, and most reluctant about getting tested regularly. People who habitually use party drugs are 400-600% more likely to become HIV+Positive. Even if YOU don’t feel the need to get high prior to sex, you can become infected by someone who uses. Cross partiers off your list of eligibles.

Refrain from going to bath houses or sex clubs (and from hooking up with those who routinely go to those places) as honesty isn’t one of the hallmarks of men who frequent such establishments. These are places where STD’s of all varieties get a foothold in the community. Bath house sex is mostly sought out by men interested in getting their rocks off anonymously. They’ve paid money to get into the place, and most are interested in getting what they paid for. Many are high or drunk and not in the best frame of mind for discussing HIV status or being truthful about it with someone who they think can give them their money’s worth. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… especially when it comes to something that can’t be cured.

When you chat online or person to person with a prospective sex partner, ask specific questions ~ ‘Do you party?’ ‘What is your HIV status?’ ‘How often do you get laid?’ and ‘How do you screen your partners?’ are a few good questions to ask. Pay close attention to the answers. If things he says don’t add up, politely refuse to hook up. Try setting up fuck dates with eligible candidates for some time in the near future. A man is less likely to lie if there’s no reward of immediate gratification available. And most of all, trust your gut reaction. If that little voice in your head says “no” follow it, regardless of how hot the guy may seem at the moment. If you’re really serious, you can (and should) ask for proof on paper of his HIV-Negative status. Ain’t nothing wrong in asking him to prove his claim. If he’s really negative he has nothing to hide.

Consider looking for a fuck buddy or two who meet your criteria. HIV-Negative men who sero-sort are perhaps more likely to want to find a small number of men they can trust to hook up with on a regular basis. You can also see if there’s an All-Negative sex group in your city (or a nearby city), or consider starting one of your own (see ” Making Your Bareback Party Safer For All”). Expect to be required to prove your Neg status with a recent test, and remember that there’s still a risk involved even though everyone may have recently tested negative.


Right now sero-sorting may seem like a lot of extra work. But once you have made the shift in attitude that comes as a result of sero-sorting, you’ll realize that the sex you have from that point on can be more free of the worry and fear that underlines most random sexual encounters. When you fuck a guy who you feel certain is of the same HIV status as yourself, you can pull out all the stops and enjoy the sex in all its wonderful glory. An inhibiting emotional barrier is removed this way, and the sex can be much more fulfilling with that level of trust between you and your partner. You can be more comfortable knowing that your likelihood of getting infected is much smaller because you’re sero-sorting, or you can be just as comfortable knowing that you won’t be accidentally infecting someone else.


An unkind truth is that men do lie about their HIV status for many reasons ~ ranging from not knowing their current status and assuming it hasn’t changed, to fear of rejection or hostility, because of dementia, or as the result of emotions of anger or depression resulting from the reality of diagnosis. Understand that any person who is dishonest about his HIV status is only contributing to the perpetuation of the disease through his selfishness. The more aware you are of what to look for and avoid, the better off you will be.
Also keep in mind the following: Nobody is immune to HIV. Some people may be resistant to the virus, but it is not confirmed that anyone is actually immune. Additionally, “undetectable” still means “POZ”. Someone who claims to be Undetectable POZ can still infect you if you are NEG. Claims of immunity or undetectability should send ip a red flag that the person making the claim is not looking out for your best interests.

Sero-sorting is not perfect or foolproof. It cannot encompass the range of protection needed to prevent transmission of other STD’s. It only works as long as the persons involved are honest with each other, and are committed to practicing sero-sorting. It does not prevent re-infection or cross-infection of HIV strains among HIV+Positive men. However when successful, sero-sorting does reduce the number of new HIV infections by lowering the percentage of sero-incompatible partners. If you are like me, you will see the value and necessity in sero-sorting and you’ll start practicing it right away. The only way we’ll overcome the AIDS crisis is by working together to contain the virus. As barebackers we have as much if not a greater responsibility for HIV containment. Sero-sorting is one of the best tools we barebackers (as well as routine condom users) have for achieving that goal.


Lowest Risk
The more blue in the spermometer, the lower the risk 1
Lowest to Highest Highest Risk
The more red in the spermometer, the higher the risk 1
Risk ScaleHighest Risk EXTREME RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Bottoming bareback and taking loads from a partner who is HIV+.
  • Injecting party drugs or saline using shared needles.
  • Blood sports with an HIV+ person.

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Fucking someone bareback whose status is HIV-Negative or not known, and cumming in his ass.
  • Sharing needles with someone who is HIV-Negative or whose status you do not know.
  • Blood sports with an HIV-Negative person.
Risk ScaleVery High Risk VERY HIGH RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Topping an HIV+ ass bareback. 2
  • Topping an HIV+ ass bareback if you are uncircumcised. 2
  • Bottoming bareback and taking loads from a partner whose HIV status you do not know.
  • Having unprotected sex while “partying”.
  • Getting fucked by a cock that just came out of someone else’s cum-filled ass.
  • Using someone else’s cum as lube for your ass if you do not know their HIV status.
  • Barebacking (top or bottom) before, during, or after aggressive assplay with someone whose HIV status you do not know. 3
  • Barebacking (top or bottom) with active symptoms from other STD’s 4

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Bottoming bareback for an HIV-Negative top.
  • Bottoming bareback for an uncircumcised HIV-Negative top.
  • Giving loads up the ass to a partner whose HIV status you do not know.
  • Having unprotected sex while “partying”.
  • Fucking someone whose status you do not know after pulling your cock out of someone else’s cum-filled ass.
  • Using someone else’s cum as lube if you do not know the bottom’s HIV status.
  • Barebacking (top or bottom) before, during, or after aggressive assplay with someone whose HIV status you do not know. 3
  • Barebacking (top or bottom) with active symptoms from other STD’s 4
Risk ScaleMedium High Risk MEDIUM HIGH RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Bottoming bareback for someone whose HIV status is undisclosed or HIV+Positive, and having him pull out before cumming.
  • Using an HIV+Positive man’s precum as lube for your ass.
  • Using someone else’s cum as lube for your dick, especially if you are uncircumcised and do not know his status or if you know him to be HIV+Positive.

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Topping someone bareback, whose HIV status is undisclosed or you know to be HIV-Negative, and pulling out before cumming.
  • Using your precum for lube for an HIV-Negative person’s ass.
  • Using someone else’s cum as lube for an uncurcumcised man’s dick if you do not know his HIV status, or especially if know him to be HIV-Negative.
Risk ScaleMedium Risk MEDIUM RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Sucking and swallowing a high number of loads from strangers.
  • Using poppers (in liquid or spray form)
  • Versatile barebacking with a fuckbuddy who is single and sexually active.
  • Barebacking with a lover in an open relationship where either of you is sexually promiscuous and likely to be barebacking, even with moderate caution.

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Cumming in the mouth of someone who is HIV-Negative or whose status you do not know.
Risk ScaleMedium Low Risk MEDIUM LOW RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Sucking and swallowing semen from a stranger.
  • Bottoming with an HIV+ person using condoms.
  • Versatile barebacking with a regular fuckbuddy who is HIV-Negative and not single or sexually promiscuous.

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Topping an HIV-Negative man, using a condom
Risk ScaleVery Low Risk VERY LOW RISK / NO RISK:
To yourself if you are HIV-Negative:

  • Barebacking with a lover within a long term monogamous relationship when both of you have been tested HIV-negative over a period of time.
  • Masturbation.
  • Sexual abstinence.

  To someone else if you are HIV+Positive:

  • Sero-sorting and only playing with other HIV+Positive men




1 Risk assessment is general, and actual risks to the individual will vary from person to person.

2 Please note that HIV-Negative tops fucking HIV+Positive bottoms has been upgraded to the level of “Very High Risk” following findings that indicate rectal secretions in the anus contain a higher percentage of HIV than either blood or semen, thereby presenting a more serious risk to HIV-Negative tops than was previously believed. It has also been determined that uncurcumcised men are even more susceptible to infection than circumcised men due to the presence of DC-SIGN in the foreskin. For more information, please visit The Wyas Your Body Betrays in our Health Dept.

3 Aggressive assplay can make a mess of your insides, and make it easier for infected cum to attack. If your ass has a load in it from an infected guy when he starts in with the toys and fists, he could be guaranteeing your infection. Same if he dumps a load in you during or after the assplay.

4 Sores from other STD’s, including Herpes, can open the door to HIV infection as well as other STD infection. If you should develop signs of an STD, it is best to have it attended to by a medical professional. Wait until the symptoms have healed before engaging in sex once again. And always look for STD symptoms on your partners before having oral or anal contact.


We understand that people engage in bareback sex for a number of reasons. Some men have made a conscious decision to bareback while others decide to ditch the rubbers on the spur of the moment. We feel that – regardless of your reasons – with knowledge, information, and a bit of common sense, you have the tools to make the wisest decisions possible.


Note: This article was originally written in 1998. Since then, many of the links the author included have become unavailable. Rather than edit material from this work, it is being presented in its original form, with notations to the links added where appropriate.

Michael Scarce is a contributing writer to POZ magazine.


This is not a set of HIV prevention guidelines.
Intended only for gay men who have already decided not to use condoms for anal sex, some advocates believe these strategies may help reduce the harm associated with barebacking. Here, harm should be interpreted more broadly than HIV infection; these tips may also help reduce the risk of other STDs. And bear in mind that much of this info is anecdotal and debated by researchers.


Dilated blood vessels in the rectum caused by sniffing poppers make it easier for viruses to enter your bloodstream, so if your partner ejaculates inside you, you’re wide open for infection. Viagra works similarly and poses similar risks by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region, facilitating erection, and to the rectum.


Use it generously to help prevent tears that allow infection. Don’t rely on saliva. Nonoxynol-9 may afford limited protection against some STDs. However, it may irritate and increase the urethral or rectal tissues’ susceptibility. One study of N-9 use in gay men’s rectums found it did not create irritation that would significantly increase risk of infection, but medical literature yields conflicting data on this. An over-the-counter contraceptive gel, like Advantage 24, is unlikely to fully coat the rectum and provide complete protection.


Early withdrawal before ejaculation may reduce risk. But since HIV and other infectious agents are in pre-cum, this method still poses a risk.


Rationing barebacking over time limits the number of exposures and sex partners – which can reduce the risk of harm-and allows time for healing of tears or trauma in the rectum, urethra and outer skin of the penis.


Try to talk with partners about STD status, including HIV, herpes, hepatitis and human papilloma virus (which causes anal and genital warts). If talk isn’t part of your sex, you may be able to see or feel warts, lesions, discharge or other physical signs of STDs. Be aware that one may be asymptomatic yet still infectious. Decide ahead of time if you’re willing to cum in your partner or allow him to cum in you, then assess your ability to trust your mutual adherence to that agreement.


Douching or using enemas with harsh detergents can strip away protective cells in the rectum. If you use an enema before sex, try warm water. Be careful not to create tears inside or around the anus. Some believe lubes, especially oil- and silicon-based, can trap germs against the skin, increasing likelihood of infection. Douching with a spermicidal foam or homemade vinegar-and-water solution after sex may render some infectious agents inactive, but little research has been conducted in this area. If you are having sex with multiple partners over a short time, don’t douche until after the last one. Try to urinate right after sex: Urine’s acidity can help clean out the urethra.


The more stressed, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tired or ill you are, chances will be higher that an exposure results in infection. If you have HIV and another STD, you are more likely to transmit HIV. If you’re HIV negative and have an STD, you’re more likely to become infected with HIV if exposed.


Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. Barebacking exposes you to fecal matter and other Hepatitis-transmitting fluids.


Around here, we have a saying: “A clean hole gets the pole”.

Well, it’s better than the other saying: “Nobody wants to fuck a hole full of shit”.

You may be able to get by without douching if your top is wearing a condom, but still… why would you? Douching, or cleaning out, is hygienic, and leaves your ass edible and clean-smelling. And for many tops, there’s nothing nicer than a clean hole to fuck and breed.

If you’re a bottom or versatile, douching should be a mandatory part of your sexual preparation. Get into the habit with these following tips:


There are several options available to you as tools for douching. Some are more thorough, others more convenient.

  • The Shower Shot: A complete setup which includes a diverter valve that attaches to the same pipe as your shower head, a sturdy gooseneck-type hose, and a special tubular aluminum nozzle. This is a must for the committed bottom. It’s easy to install, easy to regulate the flow, and costs under $50.00 in most cases.
  • The Rubber Hose: A portable douching system that involves a rubber or clear vinyl hose that can attach to a sink faucet. Usually this type does not have a nozzle at the end, and the flow is a little harder to regulate. You can find these in adult novelty shops or pharmacies for under $20.00.
  • The Shower Hose: This is an item that was designed for adding a shower attachemnt to older-style bathtubs and/or tubs without showers. They consist of a rubber fitting that attaches directly to the tub spigot, and a section of ribbed hose capped with a small plastic shower head. The head can be removed, allowing you to slide the hose up your ass. Available at pharmacies and Wal-Mart-type places for under $12.00.
  • The Douche Bag, or Enema Kit: A set up consisting of a neoprene bag, a rubber hose, a plastic clamp, and a small plastic nozzle. The bag is filled with water and the clamp closed until ready for use. The system can be hung from a shower curtain rod or a hook, and it uses gravity as opposed to water pressure to make the water flow. Advantages are that any desired liquid can be used as a douche, it’s portable and packable, and since there are no metal parts, it can be carried on airplanes in a carry-on bag. The disadvantage is that the bag only holds so much liquid, and will need refilling for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Available at pharmacies and sex shops for under $25.00.
  • Personal Enema Kits: Packaged enema kits, like Fleet brand, are easy to get ahold of, terribly inexpensive, and require no setup. However, they only contain a few ounces of douching liquid which may not be enough to get a thorough job done. They are available in almost every pharmacy and supermarket, for under $7.00.


A clean hole is a happy holeOnce you’ve decided which douching equipment to use and you’ve gotten it set up, it’s time to take it for a test-drive. I wouldn’t advise waiting until you have a hot date at your home, naked and ready to go, before trying it out for your first time.

Regardless of which method you plan on using, the best place to try and accomplish this act is in the bathroom. That’s because you’re going to be flushing out your innards, and there’s a lot of stuff up there you aren’t going to want to have end up on your carpet. The best place for you to start is in the bathtub, provided that’s where your hose is hooked up.

STEP 1: Get the water ready.
Use lukewarm (tepid) water, not cold and not hot. If you’re using a douche bag, fill the bag with warm water. DON’T USE LIQUID SOAP WITH THE WATER. Soap is a detergent and can strip the inside of your rectum of good things as well as bad. If you’re using a hose attachment, get the water running gently. You don’t need to “power-wash” your hole. You only need to fill it with water.

STEP 2: Pre-lube your hole.
Smear a little lube around your ass pucker and slide a lubed finger up inside yourself. This will not only get you ready for inserting the hose/nozzle, but it may also let you know if you’ve got any fecal matter in the area.

STEP 3: Insert the hose.
Because this step can cause water to splash everywhere at the start, it is best to be in the tub before beginning. GENTLY slide the hose end or the nozzle up your ass until the spray tip is just past the sphincter. You shouldn’t treat the nozzle as a dildo. The point is to get the water to spray inside your ass, not fuck yourself on the thing.

STEP 4: Stop when you feel full.
You’ll feel the water begin to fill you. This will cause a bit of pressure, and you will start to get a sensation that your rectum is “full”. STOP, and slide the hose back out of your ass. The idea is to get enough water inside to loosen things up and help everything in your rectum come out, not to clean out everything all the way up your colon to your stomach.

STEP 5: Jiggle around a bit.
Before getting rid of the water inside you, take a moment to straighten up and jiggle around a bit. Knead your intestines by squeezing your abdomen a bit. You’ll feel a sort of sloshing inside. This is helping to loosen anything solid, and that’s the idea.

STEP 6: Get rid of the water.
Keeping your buttcheeks clenched, step out of the tub and go sit on the toilet. This is the best place to get rid of your dirty water. Some men prefer to stay in the tub to eliminate, but tub drains aren’t designed to manage that kind of waste. And what can result may not look or smell pretty. If you have a hair and lint catcher in your shower drain, you may find yourself ankle deep in dirty water should the strainer clog. So sit your bum down on the toilet and let it all come out. You should not need to force most of it out. Gravity will take care of the bulk of it. You may have to do a little intestine kneading (from the rib cage downward) and squeezing to get the last of it out, however.
FLUSH the toilet. That way, when you repeat the process you will be able to see how clean your water is coming out.

STEP 7: Repeat.
Get your ass back in the tub and do it again. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until the water comes out clean, Remember to avoid overfilling your ass with water each time, because water can get trapped in the twists and turns of your colon and come out at a later time when it would not be expected or appreciated by your top.


Of course, there are other liquids that can be used, but they are generally done as part of a scene and not part of general anal hygiene. If you’re going to use any of the following liquids it is recommended you do a preliminary and complete douching BEFORE taking any of these up your poop chute.

  • Piss.
    A piss enema can be fucking hot, both to the giver as well as the receiver. However urine contains salts and acids that can cause the rectal lining to lose elasticity. Urine also contains every substance the body has taken in and does not need (that can be broken down into liquid form). Some urine is considered to be sterile. Other urine is not. Urine also can contain a concentration of any drugs that have been in the body’s system, from aspirin to HIV meds and street drugs. These will also find their way into the bloodstream of the person receiving the piss enema, whether they want to receive them or not.
  • Warm beer or wine.
    Alcoholic beverages can be used like an enema, but caution should be exercised for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is that the alcohol will transfer to the blood stream quickly and strongly. Since there are no stomach acids to break down the content, a person taking beer or wine up the ass will get very drunk very quickly. The other reason is that alcohol absorbs the body’s natural moisture, and it can dry out the rectal lining making it less pliable. This in turn can cause the rectum to tear during even the most gentle sex.


Because fecal matter contains many microbes and organisms the body is ridding itself of, offering an unclean hole to your barebacking top is offering him the potential of disease. Even if you are STD-free, a little bit of feces from your hole can become trapped in his urethra and cause him the discomfort of NSU (Non-Specific Urethritis) which can mimic Gonorrhea in its symptoms. NSU’s are usually nothing more than a nuisance, but they can lead to other problems. And your topman may not be happy about spending a day at the local STD clinic and being taken out of sexual circulation, only to find out later on that there was nothing seriously wrong with him to begin with.

Getting into the habit of cleaning out before a date or going to a bath house is the nicest thing you can do for your topmen. And cleaning yourself out before a night on the town is a wise recommendation, because you never know if some hot guy (or guys) might just pick you up..

When it comes to the old standard of dinner followed by sex, I recommend doing it in the opposite order, since eating (yes, even snacking) will cause your body to start putting things in motion. Best to clean out, fuck your heart out, then go for a bite to eat. Besides, after a heavy sexual workout, you’ll be really hungry for something hearty to eat.