healthheadIt is our belief at BarebackHealth.net that those of us who have chosen to enjoy sex without condoms can reduce our risks of catching and transmitting HIV and other STD’s, and thereby reduce the potential of danger to ourselves and others. There is always some risk involved in having sex, especially whenever condoms are not used. However, if you take some time to familiarize yourself with the volume of information we’ve contained in our Health Department below, we feel you’ll be in a much better position to make sane decisions regarding how you conduct your sex life!



menuheadhere’s no question that bareback sex is natural and feels better. But there is still risk involved, regardless of whether you’re HIV-Negative or HIV+Positive. And no matter what position you favor, you still ought to keep on “top” of your health.

Bareback sex doesn’t have to mean unhealthy sex if you learn the following guidelines and stick to them!