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This site is rated M and contains mature content which should only be viewed by persons 18 years and older interested in learning about homosexual sex without condoms. If this is not you, please leave now.

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This site is intended ONLY for mature, adult, gay or bisexual men, 18 years of age and older who are interested in the subject of unprotected homosexual sex. This site also contains mature language and images, and frank discussion about gay sexuality and may be offensive to some people.

THIS SITE DOES NOT CONTAIN any material that constitues child pornography, violent sex against the will of another, the promotion of sex for hire, XXX content, demon worship, nor the engaging in the sale or distribution of illegal or controlled substances. Furthermore, the owner of this website and its employees are committed to preventing underage viewers from having access to the content of this website, and we have taken whatever precautions are available to the internet community to ensure this site is viewed only by its intended adult audience.

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So if you are not of the legal age to view mature-themed content (within your geographic location), or if you belong to or are representing a government or law enforcement agent or agency, or if you are a member of any right-wing or religious organization which agendizes anti-homosexual interests, or if you personally feel that mature homosexual content, or content embracing sex without condoms will be offensive to you, PLEASE EXIT NOW!


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Disclaimer: The owner(s) of this website have put together this information with the belief that it is true and factual and in the best interest of the community it serves. The information contained in this website has been compiled from numerous sources including the internet, public health workers and HIV prevention and outreach specialists. Not all of the opinions and information presented coincides with the information approved and made public by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the National Institute of Health (NIH). It is recommended that you always use common sense and your best judgement when engaging in any kind of sexual encounter, especially with persons you do not know, or whose sexual history you do not know. If you do not agree with any of the information presented on this website, or if you do not understand something which you read on this website, please consult your physician or other primary healthcare professional for his or her professional opinion.

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